HVAC, HMI and integration platform for building automation based on Beckhoff PLC

Beckhoff automation

The I/O signals are wired in a decentralised way to fieldbus devices or centrally to the controller. The available manufacturer-specific fieldbus devices with fixed input/output configurations and design often make it necessary to use an entire group of devices with similar functions. This costly method of signal acquisition gives rise to high material, installation, planning and documentation costs as well as high costs for subsequent modification or expansion. Inventory management and service staff are put under unnecessary strain.

Flexible and stable

The Beckhoff Bus Terminal is an open and fieldbus-neutral I/O system consisting of electronic terminal blocks. The head of an electronic terminal block is the Bus Coupler with the interface to the fieldbus. Bus Couplers are available for the following bus systems:

With the master terminals, fieldbus functionalities are also available in form of a standard Bus Terminal. This is particularly advantageous for bus systems that are integrated as subsystems into a higher-level system. It means that only one system is required for the subsystem and for the higher-level bus interface. Master terminals are available for the following bus systems:

Automation standard

The Beckhoff Bus Terminal ensures that control cabinets and terminal boxes are constructed more economically. Using the 4-wire terminating system, all of the usual sensors and actuators with different types of signals can be connected directly without other connection systems. It is no longer necessary to wire the field devices between the first terminal connection in the control cabinet or in the terminal box and the controller. This significantly reduces the costs involved in controller design and saves space, material, work, and money.

The field devices can be wired using the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system on site where the signals occur. Installation and wiring of the Beckhoff Bus Terminal is thus simple and compact like that of a standard terminal block. The Bus Terminal can be connected to the controller by connecting a Bus Coupler via the fieldbus as required.

The Beckhoff Bus Terminals have been tried and tested in a wide range of sectors worldwide, from machine construction to building management. Beckhoff Bus Terminal technology makes design, construction, wiring, commissioning and maintenance of equipment and machines very cost-effective.