HVAC, HMI and integration platform for building automation based on Beckhoff PLC

SmartUnity.nEXT - professional BMS/GUI framework for Beckhoff

Project limitations:

Number of PACs – up to 64

Points – up to 200 000

Historian points – up to 100 000

  • Logged events: object state changes, user actions, alarms and notifications
  • Historian data compression
  • High-load real-time DB
  • Message filtration on PAC level (configurable)
  • Message filtration on Historian level (configurable)
Supported protocols:
KNX, LON, ModBus ASCII/RTU, JSON, Bacnet, DALI, RS485/232, Ethernet TCP/IP, SMTP, Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, Lightbus
  • User authorization for ProjectBuilder
  • User authorization for UI
  • Group right management
  • User management (both in UI and in ProjectBuilder)
  • User actions logging
  • Secured HTTPS connection between server and UI clients
  • True web access using any browser (no plug-ins installation necessary - no Java, no Flash, no Silverlight etc.)
  • HTML5, CSS3 and SVG full support
  • Simultaneous UI connections – up to 1024
  • Real-time synchronization with server (no reload required)
  • 3 views for object representation:
    • grid view (automatic)
    • table view (automatic)
    • canvas view
  • Out-of-the-box visualization possible for all objects
  • Multi-language support, incl. user dependent language switch
  • 2 colour schemes (night and day)
  • Data export of screen data to CSV files
  • Automatically adapted to screen size
  • Mobile version for smartphones is generated automatically
  • Secured HTTPS connection between server and UI clients
Redundancy and fault tolerance:
Project Builder:
  • Distributed logic between PACs
  • All-in-one or distributed backend platform
  • Redundancy possible for all backend components historian server, historian DB, web-server
  • Automatic monitoring of the system components
  • real-time and historical mode
  • multiple (up to 4) parallel charts
  • predefined and user-based Trend Templates
  • user-friendly object search
  • data export to CSV files
  • trend printing
  • Object oriented project configuring
  • UI builder included
  • xxxx
Alarm center:
  • alarm event sorting and filtering
  • alarm shelving (temporary alarm blocking)
  • alarm acknowledgement
  • user-based configuration
  • data export to CSV files
Notification service:
  • Scenarios and templates for alarms
  • SMS notifications (on web server and/or PACs)
  • Email notifications (on web-server)
  • Configurable recipient lists with user rights management
  • Autogenerated message content based on templates
  • Pop-up and sound notifications