HVAC, HMI and integration platform for building automation based on Beckhoff PLC

SmartUnity.nEXT - professional BMS/GUI framework for Beckhoff

SmartUnity.nEXT is the most powerful solution in the SmartUnity range. Being developed for over 7 years it is designed to meet the high requirements for automation and control systems of major projects on Beckhoff hardware. It can handle up to 64 PLCs and 200 000 data points.

Key Benefits

Up to 5 times faster Beckhoff project implementation

Visual programming -> no low-level PLC programming is needed to complete a SmartUnity-based project. Using the ProjectBuilder tool, you can configure the desired automation logic by point-and-click in days, not months.

True web visualization

SmartUnity is a professional HMI product that has been developed from scratch in compliance with the majority of web-standards, e.g. SVG (vector graphics) and HTML5. Those are the only technologies that are executed by most web browsers (with no additional plug-ins such as Java or Silverlight installed) and are to be supported in the future.


Compared to most alternatives on the market, SmartUnity.nEXT offers optimal value for system integrators who are seeking reasonable price but do not wish to compromise functionality. Our flexible pricing allows you to choose the configuration that will suit your needs the best – without the need to pay for unnecessary options.

High-load system with excellent scalability

Hardware with an excellent track record

SmartUnity Automation Server is based on Beckhoff CX series Embedded PC which is designed and manufactured in Germany. Beckhoff company is renowned for the superior reliability of their automation equipment widely used in process control.

Easy integration of most protocols

SmartUnity has in-built seamless support of all major automation technologies such as TCP-IP, KNX, LonWorks, OPC, ModBus, DALI, ADS, RS485, and others. BACnet, EnOcean, M-bus, MP-bus, PROFINET, EtherCat, OPC support is provided on request.


Supported protocols

Components of SmartUnity.ONE

SmartUnity.nEXT Server
SmartUnity automation controller running on Beckhoff equipment with an in-built web-server and a Historian server.
SmartUnity Historian Server
Ultra-fast and reliable server for storage of historical data
SmartUnity HMI
Outstanding user interfaces and configuration environment
SmartUnity Automation PLC
SmartUnity automation controller based on Beckhoff hardware
SmartUnity ProjectBuilder
A convenient tool for configuring the whole system
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