HVAC, HMI and integration platform for building automation based on Beckhoff PLC


SmartUnity is an integrated software environment for configuring automation and control systems based on Beckhoff equipment. Using just one software product, you can easily configure the entire system complete with logic of individual Beckhoff PACs, alarm settings, and user access levels, as well as the user interface.

Key Benefits

The Integrated Environment

You can create all the components of your automation project in ProjectBuilder. The software allows you to configure the objects interaction logic for the PAC firmware, then set the alarms and create archiving rules for these objects, and, finally, build visualisation – all within ProjectBuilder.

Configuring Instead of Programming

The essential feature that differentiates ProjectBuilder from other SCADA solutions is the ability to visually configure a PLC. With ProjectBuilder, there is no need to write code for a controller using low-level programming languages. Thanks to a ProjectBuilder’s unique state-event configurator, it is possible to easily create the most complex logic and highly sophisticated scenarios.

Autogenerated HMI

Create an interface for an automation system in minutes, using the autogenerated SmartUnity UI. In ProjectBuilder, you only need to drag and drop objects; they become instantly available and can be displayed by any browser as beautiful and easily understandable widgets and tables, which already have a control option.

Built-in HMI Editor

Create sophisticated graphic interfaces with a built-in HMI editor. The HMI editor was specifically designed to help you create a beautiful and intuitive interface as fast as possible. What is more, there is a SVG (vector) objects support, which allows to create interfaces that look equally good on any screen.

Advanced Auto Configuration

To make the initialisation process easier and faster, ProjectBuilder uses the functions of automatic configuring. These include automatic linking of objects to the equipment and visualisation of these links, auto import of objects from KNX and LON systems, auto scanning a DALI network, and auto naming objects.

Built-in Debugger

ProjectBuilder has all the functions necessary to debug your projects easily and conveniently. Without leaving the program, you can in real time visualise the state of the objects and manage them, watch the events history, and browse the graphs.

How it works?

System set-up process with SmartUnity (100 data-points (objects) set-up less than in 60 minutes)

1 Initialize and set-up
the equipment
2 Configure
3 Create
4 Upload the
5 That’s it!