HVAC, HMI and integration platform for building automation based on Beckhoff PLC

SmartUnity GUI

No more bolt-on quick fixes – try a single solution for all your interface needs. At SmartUnity, we have used many software products ourselves and realised that none of them fully satisfied the demands of our installer company clients. That is why we have developed a comprehensive and at the same time easy to use and very effective HMI solution.

Powerful yet economical toolbox

HMI visualisation solution from SmartUnity allows for simple and quick creation of all sorts of interfaces. Being really straightforward to use, the solution offers a wide variety of powerful tools without the surplus of unnecessary features.

Flexibility and speed

The objects in the autogenerated UI can be presented in either grid or table view. All you have to do is to choose the objects from the ProjectBuilder, and they will get visualised in to time. This feature lets you speed up the overall development process by up to 5 times.

Real WEB

SmartUnity is a professional HMI product that has been developed from scratch in compliance with the majority of web-standards, e.g. SVG (vector graphics) of the WWW Consortium (W3C). Those are the only technologies that are executed by most web browsers (with no additional plug-ins such as Java or Silverlight installed) and are to be supported in the future.

The best thing about the solution is the possibility to use any conventional web browser, as long as they come pre-installed with most operating systems. This is especially useful if client installations are impossible or illegal in a particular location, as in these circumstances some additional software and further maintenance could be needed, which is frustrating.

SmartUnity guarantees its adherence to official guidelines and open web standards. This assures you the utmost security and freedom in developing your own HMIs, as well as full independence from proprietary manufacturer-specific formats.


Our HMI is web-based and we support Google Maps API to visualize your data in real world. SmartUnity GEO BMS/SCADA module offers real-time, scalable and secure visualization. Water plants, buildings, factories, oil fields or renewable energy applications will benefit from GEO module. Tracking movable assets during transportation via GPS/GLONASS coordinates is also supported by SmartUnity GEO module.

“Real web technology“ versus „web based“ - It’s not the same

You want to ensure, that your application has to be engineered only once in order to work on a large number of different devices? You want ensure, that your HMI and SCADA solution will also be displayed by existing clients the next year? Then you should pay attention to the correct choice of words: because only native web technology does exactly this and web based not.

No developer enjoys re-engineering an application in order to make it compatible with a large number of devices. And no one likes the need to regularly adjust their HMI and SCADA solutions to be correctly rendered by the existing clients the next year either. If you would like to free up your time for more exciting things, you need to mind the difference between the native web technology and a web-based one. Only the former can provide true independence.

Because native web technology needs nothing but a standard web browser! Only then you have the choice with which device you can view your visualization: Windows PC, Blackberry Torch, different Android and Apple devices, industrial panels, etc. ... And the engineering only has to be done once.

Advantages of Real WEB Technology

No client installation necessary - web browsers are available everywhere

At the desired plant level or via remote access.

No plug-ins

Enjoy the freedom of open standards: no Java, no Flash, no ActiveX or similar tech is necessary.


No worries, even old web pages are displayed correctly. Any future device is sure to have a browser!

As save as your bank

Thanks to the approved safety standards like https.

Powerful thanks to vector graphics (SVG)

Better visual effects (gradients, opacity, ...), loss-free scaling for all resolutions, high performance (1,5x faster than similar proprietary systems)


A browser automatically detects different screen dimensions and instantly adapts to them: your application looks equally good on any display in a control room, various operating terminals of a plant, and mobile devices.

Multi language

The whole world interacts via the web browser. User Dependent Language Switch supported.

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