HVAC, HMI and integration platform for building automation based on Beckhoff PLC

SmartUnity.nEXT Historian

Reliability and powerful analytics

The SmartUnity Enterprise Historian server guarantees innovative and high performing recording of the process data. Moreover, it comes with a powerful web analytics module displayable by most web browsers.

Key Benefits

High performance

Thanks to the most advanced high-load technologies, SmartUnity Enterprise Historian server demonstrates high speed data recording and processing. It also boasts configurable rules for data acquisition and compression, which allows for the dramatic reduction in the volume of stored data.

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Real-time and historical trends: any browser, any device

Real-web technologies such as svg and HTML5 let you comfortably browse historical trends on any device 24/7. It is the excellent Google-powered chart library that provides the maximum readability and required functionality.

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State-of-the-art database

The main storage of SmartUnity Enterprise Historian is the best-in-class nonrelational MongoDB. No other type of database can equal the high productivity and outstanding reliability of a non-sql DB. That is more important, this DB is distributed free, which would definitely help to keep down the overall project costs.

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High performance Historian data acquisition

Every modern production system should ensure correct and efficient data recording. This is essential for accurate and actionable analysis of the information which is vital for productivity improvement.

SmartUnity Enterprise Historian server takes the advantage of the latest technologies specifically designed specially for high-load systems, which provides excellent performance and reliability. Here are some of the technologies we implement:

SmartUnity Enterprise applies innovative criteria to record historical data and to archive automation system data on a local database as well as on an external DB or offsite cloud storage, thus providing everlasting performance and security regardless of the data volumes. Data can be archived on a local MongoDB database, in an external database server, or in the cloud. SmartUnity can record associated variables using one or more Historian prototypes from the data server resource, allowing user projects to adapt to client requirements instantly and with ease.

The properties of an individual Historian object can be defined and configured with specific recording criteria (on event, change, or cyclic), or the value type to be sampled (absolute, percentages, etc.). Value accuracy can be set for each object, as well as individual depth of historisation. Together with an advanced data compression algorithm it allows SmartUnity Enterprise to reach great performance and maintain the recording flow of huge data volumes.

Trends and data analysys

Sophisticated Trend objects allow the access to data and can display curves to represent process data behaviors. The Trends can be both dynamic and historical(run-pause) and they also provide other advanced features for displaying values graphically. They have also been designed to display data by time/date range along with a set of filters that include zooming, pen selection, fit-into-one-page graphics and printing. The Trends provide maximum configurability allowing users to create their own Trend Template objects.

The Data Analysis objects have been enhanced to provide more complex modes for performing effective analysis of historical data shown graphically.The Data Analysis objects allow users to apply fast analysis according to the set time/date ranges using comparison and overlapping curves. This includes, for example, analysis with sampling curves or curves for comparing different periods (e.g. year-over-year values change), where measures are taken by tracing lines between different chart points to obtain the difference in values.

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