HVAC, HMI and integration platform for building automation based on Beckhoff PLC

SmartUnity.nEXT Historian

Historian service:
  • Logged events: object state changes, user actions, alarms and notifications
  • Historian data compression
  • High-load real-time DB
  • Store data on local DB, external DB server or in cloud
  • Message filtration on PLC level (configurable)
  • Message filtration on Historian level (configurable)
Modern high-load technologies:
  • Excellent no-SQL database – MongoDB
  • Programming language for high-load servers - node.js
  • In-memory page caching – RedisDB
  • HTML5 and SVG based charts
  • real-time and historical modes
  • multiple (up to 4) parallel charts
  • predefined and user-based Trend Templates
  • user-friendly object search
  • zooming, time/date scaling etc.
  • data export to CSV files
  • trend printing
Scalability and redundancy:
  • Horizontal scalability, clusterization
  • External DB server support
  • Hot-standby redundancy