HVAC, HMI and integration platform for building automation based on Beckhoff PLC

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Don’t know which product perfectly fits your needs? Have a look at the table below to make a decision. All major differences between SmartUnity.ONE and nEXT Platform at a glance.

Type of projects
Best suited for small and medium sized building and infrastructure projects

Large building and infrastructure projects

Extra high system availability and reliability required

High density and amount of logged data

Advanced statistics and reporting required

SW price and installation costs
Project size limitations

Number of PACs – 1

Points – up to 10 000

Number of PACs – up to 64

Points – up to 200 000

Full support
Full support

Up to 5 simultaneous UI connections

Online UI-server synchronization (<5 ms delay)

Up to 1024 simultaneous UI connections

Real-time UI-server synchronization (<1 ms delay)

Historian and trends

Historian ONE: Logging process running on the PAC or on stand-alone PC

Historical points – up to 250 (on PAC)

Historical points – up to 1000 (on stand-alone PC)

Logged events: object state changes

Historian Enterprise: High-load server with real-time DB and extended historian and trending functionality

Historical points – up to 100 000

Logged events: object state changes, user actions, alarms and notifications

Alarm center
Alarm displaying, filtering and sorting
Alarm acknowledgement
Notification service
SMS notifications
SMS and Email notifications
Standard security features
Additionally secured HTTPS GUI-server connection
Project Builder
Full support
Full support
PAC hot-standby
Full system and component redundancy possible